Remotely Accessible Physiotherapy

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Remotely Accessible Physiotherapy –
Adapting Physiotherapy

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, our governing body, The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, have advised all Physiotherapy consultations within an outpatient setting, including group rehabilitation sessions, are to now take place remotely, via video link or telephone.


This means that face to face appointments, for the meantime, are not currently taking place across this profession.


This is where Remotely Accessible Physiotherapy comes in!

Thorough Assessments

You will receive a thorough assessment and diagnosis of your injury, via a telephone call or web based video link. An individual management programme, including advice, education and a progressive home or gym based exercise program, is created specifically for your rehabilitation needs. 


Remotely Accessible Physiotherapy has been around for many years. It is non-manual, meaning there is no physical contact involved. It has been frequently used with great success while managing athletes who have travelled abroad to compete in events, without the presence of a Physiotherapy practitioner or Doctor. The athlete can arrange a telephone or video link appointment to manage injury and illness remotely. 

This method of management is increasing in popularity within the general population, due to our increasing busy life styles. Many health care professionals are offering non-manual services into their practice, thanks to improvements in technology, because this service is extremely quick, easy, effective and efficient.

Benefits of Remotely Accessible Physiotherapy

There is a vast amount of research in this area and it is constantly expanding.
The benefits of this non-manual service include:

  • Convenience of having an appointment, wherever your location, at a time that suits you.


  • Rapid assessment post injury, significantly reducing your waiting time for an appointment.


  • Saving you time travelling to and from appointments.


  • Accessing expert advice from a leading Physiotherapy and Sports Injury practitioner, who may be outside your geographical area. 
  • Increased frequency of appointments with your Physiotherapist as often as you need.


  • Research has concluded that Remotely Accessible Physiotherapy assessments and treatments are as effective as manual in-person appointments.


  • Research has demonstrated that patient satisfaction is equal to if not greater than other traditional methods.

Frequently Asked Question’s

Does Remotely Accessible Physiotherapy only help people with sports injuries?

No, our services are suitable for everyone. Whilst we have extensive knowledge and experience managing sports injuries, anyone can benefit from our services.

Is my injury suitable for Remotely Accessible Physiotherapy?

The majority of injuries are suitable for treatment using this method. Please Contact Us if you would like to discuss your individual circumstances with us.

How can I be assessed without being seen in person?

The subjective part of a Physiotherapy assessment is the first part of the assessment. The practitioner asks questions about your past medical history, the history behind your current injury, as well as the behaviour of your current symptoms. The practitioner establishes the majority of diagnoses by thoroughly listening to this subjective history. An experienced clinician can be almost certain of a patient diagnosis from listening to the history alone. The physical assessment is used to confirm or disprove the working diagnosis, and provide some baseline data.


During your assessment you may be asked to perform certain movements, just as you would during an in-person assessment, to aid diagnosis. You can also send photos or videos of injured body parts.

Can you guarantee full recovery?

 As with all in-person consultations, Remotely Accessible Physiotherapy consultations cannot guarantee full recovery, however, a full recovery is a realistic and achievable goal to aim for.

What if I do not have access to video calling?

 Video calling is not a necessity. Our services can be provided via telephone.

Can I claim my appointment back through my health insurance company?

We recommend that you check with your health insurance provider, before proceeding with your appointment.

How do I pay for Remotely Accessible Physiotherapy?

 Payment can be made online using BACS Transfers.

Further Information

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