Specialist Services

Specialist Services

We are proud and very lucky to offer our clients a number of specialist services. This is due to the extensive experience of our Physiotherapists and the wide variety of modern, multifunctional & specialist equipment “de Carle Physiotherapy” has.

Sports Triage Clinics

Our experience, in professional & podium level sports medical teams, puts you in knowledgeable hands. We offer pre-weekend, & post-weekend triage clinics, in preparation for weekend activity & for a rapid assessment of injuries sustained over the weekend. These clinics have a fast turnaround time.

Unweighted Treadmill Training

Our unweighted treadmill enables you to walk, jog or run with a reduced amount of body weight going through your joints. Great for recovery post injury & surgery, as well as improving coordination & neuromuscular motor control, during the gait cycle.

Post Cancer Care

Post Cancer Care involves helping you maintain a level of activity, improving your limitations after surgery & guidance to increasing your activity level.

Paediatric Physiotherapy

Paediatric Physiotherapy is Physiotherapy for Children. Our Paediatric Physios hold APCP memberships. Physiotherapists that work with children & adolescents consider the growth, development & maturation that occurs during these transitions. As the body changes from one stage to another, maladaptation’s may occur. We can support developmental delay, growth spurts & management post injury or illness.

Paediatric Physiotherapy is a specialist service as Children are not to be managed like small adults, because their bodies are very different to adults. A child’s body can respond to an injury or illness in with a more serious outcome than the same injury to an adult. Eg. An ankle sprain in an adult could turn out to be a fracture in a child, because the bone is not fully developed.

Injury Risk Reduction Programs

Biomechanical Assessments

Whether a professional or amateur, as a sports enthusiast, your goal is to avoid injury. We offer sport specific biomechanical assessments. A personal exercise program is created, enabling you to reduce your risks to injury, during your sport.

Full Body MOT

We offer biannual full body MOT assessments, to highlight neuromusculoskeletal problems. A personal exercise program is then created, to help you reduce your individual risks to injury & illness.

To keep you moving de Carle Physiotherapy offers a number of Exercise Classes, whether you are managing an injury, illness or you just want to improve your physical, mental and medical health and wellbeing



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