Exercise Classes

Exercise Classes

At de Carle Physiotherapy we run inclusive classes. Whether you are managing an injury, illness or you just want to improve your physical, mental and medical health and wellbeing, your body and mind will benefit. Integrating evidence based science and clinical based experience with the art of problem solving & creativity, these Physiotherapy lead classes are fun and will work you in all the right places.


People who attend our classes are:

  • Recovering from an injury or illness
  • Maintaining activity with long term condition
  • Reducing their risk to injury as part of their injury risk reduction program
  • Improving their general health & wellbeing

Prior to joining any of our exercise classes, a one to one pre-class assessment is required with a Physiotherapist. Our classes run in blocks of 5 consecutive weeks, are 45minutes in duration and are carried out in small groups of 6-8 clients. The small group numbers allows the Physiotherapist to correct movement patterns throughout the class.

Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates targets supporting muscle control around your spine & limbs, through posture setting, balance, coordination & fluid movement patterns.

Clinical Yoga

Clinical Yoga targets your global flexibility & strength, through sustained postures & controlled breathing.

Barre Tone

Barre Tone targets your global postural alignment with upper & lower limb muscle endurance & coordination, using a ballet barre.

Fundamental Fitness

Fundamental Fitness reinforces the fundamental movement foundations we learn through our childhood, which we often lose through inactivity, age, injury or illness. The movement patterns used within these classes are primal and functional. Targeting your heart & lungs, these classes will test your overall fitness.

Dance & Movement Therapy

Movement Therapy allows you to explore your creative side. Styles of contemporary dance set the platform for your own movement interpretation, testing your expressive limits.

FUNdamental Dance & Movement Therapy

This class is a mixture of Fundamental Fitness & Dance & Movement Therapy for children. It will help to develop and enhance gross and fine motor skills, explore and control social and emotional development, challenge and nurture language and literacy, inspire and expand cognitive development. FUNdamental Dance & Movement Therapy sessions are suitable for children who are: overactive, underactive, overweight, underweight, have poor limb control (arms and legs), poor trunk control (spine), poor balance & coordination and children who have been suggested as being talented at a sport.

Our classes are accessible for clients of all ages and abilities. Should you require a chair or wheelchair for support during the class, this can be accommodated for.

There are dedicated classes for Adults & Children.

Any class can be carried out as a one to one session, should this be more suitable for you.

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